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 control panel Enclosures and Panels: SCJ specializes in applying the right enclosure and panel layout to your specific control requirement. We consider functional, ergonometric, appearance and operating environment issues during the design process. From the small plastic shirt pocket package to large multibay racks and free standing control panels, SCJ does it all.
Interconnects: Let us design your specialty cables for subsystem element interconnects, control panel to equipment harnesses, and internal chassis harnesses. Including military/aerospace and commercial/industrial flat, coaxial, multiconductor shielded, thermocouple, and high flex control cables.
Overlays / Screen Printing: SCJ can provide overlay and screen printing (silkscreen) designs for your panels. Whether it is a 19" front panel for a custom tester, or a small hand held instrument, SCJ can design the artwork and deliver a durable attractive ready to install panel.  Overlay

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